Grain Highlights 04.06.2024

According to Abares, the wheat production in Australia will reach 29.1 million tons in 2024/25 (+12% compared to 2023/24), barley production is expected at 11.5 million tons (+7%), and canola production is estimated at 5.4 million tons (-5%).

- Since the beginning of the current season, the export of grain from the EU has reached 41.18 million tons (-3% compared to the previous year), and imports are at 30.20 million tons (-20%). Wheat and flour exports are 29.07 million tons (-4%), with imports at 11.37 million tons (+8%). Barley exports are at 5.35 million tons (-14%) and barley imports at 1.80 million tons (-7%). Corn exports are at 3.73 million tons (+18%) and imports at 16.69 million tons (-33%).

- According to NASS data, the harvesting of the new wheat crop has begun in the United States, with 6% of the fields harvested as of 02.06.2024. 49% of the crops are in good to excellent condition (48% a week earlier and 36% a year earlier). The new corn crop has been planted on 91% of the planned areas. Spring wheat crops have been planted on 94% of the planned areas, and soybeans have been planted on 78% of the planned areas.

- According to AgRural data, as of 30.05.2024, the second corn crop in Brazil has been harvested on 4.7% of the areas (+2.7% for the week and 1.4% a year earlier). The second corn production forecast is 118.4 million tons, and exports in the new season are expected to decrease by 40%.

- The National Meteorological Service of Argentina expects little rainfall in the country over the next three months. During this period, the harvesting of corn and soybeans will be completed, and the sowing of the new wheat crop will take place.

- South Korean NOFI has purchased 133,000 tons of feed corn from South America or South Africa at a price of 241.75 USD/ton + 1.5 USD/ton for unloading. Deliveries are to take place in October.

- In May, palm oil imports to India reached 769,000 tons (+12% compared to April). In June, imports will reach 750,000 tons. Sunseed oil imports will be 408,000 tons (+74%), and soyoil imports are projected at 322,000 tons (+16.5%).

- In 2024, the wheat production in Iran is expected to reach 14.5 million tons (+0.5 compared to 2023). The country is ranked eleventh in the world in wheat production.