Grain Highlights 18.01.2023

According to preliminary data of the tender held today, Algeria has purchased 570,000 tons of wheat at a price of 334.5 USD/ton C&F and delivery in March.

- Russian President Putin has stated that exports from the country must be controlled. Sufficient stocks are needed and exports should not be made at any cost. Cold weather in the US, Russia, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan will lead to a shortage of wheat on the world market next season.

- For the second month in a row, FranceAgriMer has raised its forecast for the export of soft wheat from France to countries outside the EU. It now points to 10.6 million tons for 2022/23 (+0.3 over the previous estimate and +21% over 2021/22). Transition stocks of common wheat for the season are projected at 2.33 million tons (2.55).

- According to data from the Statistical Service of China, 1.1 million tons of wheat were delivered to the country in December, and 10 million tons (+2% compared to 2021) for the whole of 2022. Corn imports were 870,000 tons in December and totalled 20.6 million tons for 2022 (-27%). Barley imports reached 480,000 tons in December and a total of 5.8 million tons (-54%) in 2022. Sorghum imports reached 100,000 tons in December and totalled 10.1 million tons in 2022 (+8%). Rice imports were 420,000 tons in December and reached 6.2 million tons for 2022 (+25%).

- Soymeal exports from India in 2022/23 could rise to 1.5 – 2 million tons (644,000 in 2021/22). The increase was due to an expected weak production in Argentina, the world's largest exporter of soymeal. Over the period of October - December, the export was 325,400 tons (+223%).

- Tunisia has announced a tender for the purchase of 125,000 tons of durum wheat of any origin and delivery within February-March.

- In 2022/23, Brazil's summer crop production will exceed storage capacity for the first time in 20 years. The production of soybeans, corn and rice will reach 189.5 million tons.

- Turkey has purchased 320,000 tons of wheat with 12% protein (announced tender for 565,000) with main suppliers Russia and Ukraine at prices of 323.2 – 332.3 USD/ton C&F.