Grain Highlights 23.11.2022

In November, wheat exports from Russia will reach 5.5 million tons (2,584 in November 2021).

- In November, wheat exports from Russia will reach 5.5 million tons (2,584 in November 2021). In October, the export of grain was 5,870 million tons (+35%), including 5.4 million tons of wheat (+52%). Over the period of 01.07 - 01.12.2022, 25.4 million tons of grain will be exported from the country (25.13), including 22.9 million tons of wheat (21.7). Over the period of 01.12.2022 - 30.06.2023, 27 million tons of wheat should be exported from the country, which is a monthly average of 3.85 - 4 million tons, which historically is a serious achievement.

- According to FEDOIL's forecast, 1.63 million tons of rapeseed were processed in the EU in October, which is the highest level for the month since 2016. Processing of soybeans was 716,000 tons (-200,000 compared to September), and the processing of sunseed reached 415,000 tons (+96,000 and -167,000).

- Yesterday, Chicago commodity funds were net sellers of 3,000 corn, 1,500 soybeans and 3,000 wheat contracts.

- In 2023, the export of corn from Brazil will be 40-50 million tons, including 5 million tons for China. China is expected to import 18 million tons of corn in 2022/23.

- According to AgRural data, as of 21/11/2022, 80% of the planned areas were sown with soybeans in Brazil (+11% for the week and 86% a year earlier). The first crop corn has been sown on 82% of the planned areas (+12% for the week and 91%), and the conditions for the development of the crops are favorable.

- Anec predicts soybean exports from Brazil in 2022/23 of 78 million tons (-8.6 compared to 2021/22). In November, exports will be 2.3 million tons (3.6 in October and 2.2 in November 2021). Over the January-November period, soybean exports will reach 76.8 million tons.

- In recent weeks, China has purchased significant quantities of wheat from France. In recent days there has been talk that US millers have purchased Polish or German wheat. This is creating an unexpected wave of demand, which until now has been muted by strong Russian exports. Exports from the EU are expected to remain strong in the second half of the season, which will deplete stocks in France. Regarding French sales in recent weeks, they are believed within the range of 400,000 – 700,000 tons.

- Egypt's state company GASC bought 30,750 tons of sunseed oil (10,000 tendered) at 1,380 USD/ton C&F and 35,000 tons of soyoil at 1,475 USD/ton C&F.