Grain Highlights 13.05.2022

European oil plants stop buying sunseed from Ukraine in order to process their own rapeseed.

- In the week beginning on May 18, 2022, the export tax on Russian wheat will be 111.9 USD/ton (114.3 weeks earlier). The export tax on barley will be 76.5 USD/ton (74.1) and the export tax on corn will be 77.3 USD/ton (77).

- As of 12.05.2022, 90% of the planned areas for spring crops have been sown in Ukraine, including with 187.5 thousand hectares with spring wheat (189.6 thousand), 918.8 thousand hectares with spring barley (1.024 million hectares) and 3.239 million hectares with corn (4.854). Sunseed was sown on 3.29 million hectares (4.935), spring rapeseed was sown on 26.7 thousand hectares (29.8 thousand) and soybeans have been sown on 728.6 thousand hectares (1.253 million hectares).

- European oil plants stop buying sunseed from Ukraine in order to process their own rapeseed. The premium for high-fat sunseed has risen to 90 USD/ton. The price of sunseed to a processor in Romania is 710 - 780 USD/ton + a premium within 50 - 90 USD/ton for high-fat sunseed. The price of rapeseed from the new crop in the port of Rostock Germany is currently at 845 - 850 EUR/ton with delivery within June - August.

- According to FranceAgriMer, as of May 9, 2022, 82% of winter wheat crops in France were in good and excellent condition (89% a week earlier and 79% a year earlier). 79% of the winter barley crops are also in good and excellent condition (76%), as well as 77% of the winter durum wheat crops (83% and 69%) and 76% of the spring wheat crops (88% and 85%).

- On Thursday,  commodity funds in Chicago were net buyers of 8,500 contracts for corn, 3,500 contracts for soybeans and 25,000 contracts for wheat.

- According to the Buenos Aires Grain Exchange, on May 12, 2022, 64.9% of soybean areas have been harvested in Argentina (+10.2% for the last week) with an average yield of 3 tons/hectare. The production estimate decreased to 42 million tons (43.1 in the previous estimate).

- According to the forecast of the Buenos Aires Grain Exchange, wheat production in Argentina will be 20.5 million tons in 2022/23 (22.4 in 2021/22) and barley production will reach 5.4 million tons (+0.2). The Rosario grain exchange expects a wheat production of 19 million tons.